Lava Vented Front View featuring GlowFire™ Log Technology

This one-of-a-kind masterpiece gives the look and the feel of the log on fire; because it is! Each log is individually orificed and ported allowing the fuel to flow out of the log presenting the most realistic gas log set on the market.

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The revolutionary technology present ultra-realistic style and design to the traditional gas log set. GlowFire™ log technology also allows for increased efficiency by using less BTU’s and creating a fuller more robust flame effect. The ceramic refractory logs radiate more heat out into the room compared to a traditional concrete gas log set. Available in 4 convenient sizes, gas specific construction, and available with either on/off or variable flame electronic controls. The Lava burner series and GlowFire™ log technology has created a platform for endless log style and future configuration development.

  • Install into any fireplace that is approved for burning wood
  • Revolutionary GlowFire™ Log technology
  • Concealed valve and control system
  • Gas Specific, non-field convertible
  • 6v On/Off or Modulating Electronic Ignition System
  • Low BTUs with fuller more robust flame
  • Available in 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″