The Story Behind
Grand Canyon Gas Logs

Established in 2014, Grand Canyon Gas Logs was created to bring handcrafted quality, hyper-realistic designs, and American-made manufacturing back to the hearth industry’s gas log market – employing over 30 years of industry knowledge to foster innovation in an ever-evolving landscape. Earning the brand a highly-regarded reputation for their boutique practices and positioning Grand Canyon as the “craft beer” of the gas log industry.

Dedication To Craftsmanship

The 6 Essential Pieces of Our Innovative Process


Process of gathering an authentic selection of natural logs in the wild.


Our logs are then trimmed to size prior to our artisan casting process.


Individual molds are crafted for each and every log to create a raw cast.


Each log is hand painted to curate individual works of art for your fireplace.


Designed for ease of installation by any licensed contractor for home or commercial.


Knowing all of our logs and burners are 100% made in the United States of America.

The Log Hunter

Meet Kyle. He is a real-life person scanning Arizona’s stunning countryside in search of the finest logs – not a mascot we created but rather a muse that inspired the foundation of Grand Canyon Gas Logs. His attention to detail and dedication to quality bring an unmatched realism not found within our industry.

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