Arizona Weathered Oak Charred

Rustic Charred Details | Sourced From the Red Vermillion Cliffs

Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Gas Logs

The Story Behind the Stack

The Arizona Weathered Oak Charred collection brings a new style and organic beauty to the Native Series by adding an additional step to our already innovative process. After our Log Hunter selects the perfect set, our craftsmen notch the center of the logs and set them ablaze – making the fire burn through and creating a stunning scorched front. Once the logs are cooled, they are casted into a mold that delicately captures the charred ends before our artist brings the casted logs to life by painting them to look as if they were burned in your own fireplace.


18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″


2 Burner Front View and See Through


Vented, Indoor & Outdoor Use


Front View & See Through


Individually Cast Logs Mixed with Ceramic Fiber, High Temperature Concrete, Stainless Steel Fiber mesh & Hand Painted


18" AWO Charred - Log Count : 7


24" AWO Charred - Log Count : 8


30" AWO Charred - Log Count : 9


36" AWO Charred - Log Count : 10


42" AWO Charred - Log Count : 12