How To Light The Pilot

How To Light The Pilot On A Gas Log Burner

Elliot from Grand Canyon Gas Logs shows you steps to ignite a standard safety pilot valve on a burner designed for use with gas logs in your fireplace.

1. Locate the pilot mounted on the left hand side of the burner

The pilot Light has three modes: Off, Pilot and On

2. Rotate the valve until you feel it pop out to the Pilot Mode

3. Push in the valve and light the bottom of your pilot head

4. Hold it down for about 30 seconds until the thermocouple holds a charge

The thermocouple, which operates as a safety device, turns the gas supply off when the pilot light goes out. It consists of a heat sensor connected to a solenoid; when the sensor is not heated by the pilot flame, the solenoid closes the gas supply line.

5. Once the thermocouple has held the charge you can release the pilot and turn to on

The Safety Pilot Valves have the ability to adjust the flame up and down manually.

About Our Safety Pilot Valves

Grand Canyon Safety Pilot and Hi Capacity Safety Pilot systems are available in both Natural Gas and Propane. Our Grand Canyon 2 Burner and Grand Canyon 3 Burner systems are ANSI tested and certified with our Safety Pilot systems. Use the standard Safety Pilot (90K BTU) on 2 Burner and 3 Burner with BTU ratings less than 90K BTU’s. Use the Hi Capacity Safety Pilot (142K BTU) on 2 Burner and 3 Burner with BTU ratings greater than 90K BTU’s. For our Kiva burner system use the standard Safety Pilot system for all sizes. All Safety Pilot kits come with the appropriate fittings, heat shield and knob. Propane conversion kits include vermiculite and pilot orifice.